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Mini-me? No, Mini-mo!

First it was Dr. Evil and his Mini-me. Then COVID introduced us to the mini-mo or the minimony.

It’s the perfect alternative to postponing your ceremony or eloping.

Here’s five reason why to have a mini-mo in lieu of the full blown ceremony.

  1. You can celebrate on the original date and have your tribe and close family there.
  2. You can spend more on your dream dress since you are saving money in other areas.
  3. It’s unusual and memorable. You’ll be talking about this forever!
  4. Hold the mini-mo on the beach, the backyard, a park, etc.
  5. Planning a wedding is tough. This will be much simpler. Take your much deserved break.

Learn more about the mini-mo in this article from the Greenvelope.

We wish you all the best and all the happiness!